UPDATE: 9.86@137 stock bottom end


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Jan 18, 2011
long island,ny
Lol! Amen!!

I seriously believe that there should be an entire forum section dedicated to the stock block pioneers, as there are many threads that need to be placed there. And if for no other reason, just to show what can and / or has been done and more importantly whose done it and how, as well. The information that has been shared on this forum has been incredibly enlightening for me. And let’s face it, our cars are somewhat finicky. And although you don’t have to spend a million bucks to go fast. I mean sure you need to be ready spend some money in some areas (and you can’t cheap on those areas). However, when you get the combo and the tune right, then you have a machine that performs like no other. It’s incredibly fascinating to watch these thirty plus year old cars, still giving new (big cube) technology a run for their money. And that to me is what these cars are all about!!


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You got my vote.
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