*UPDATE* Can this block be saved?


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Sep 30, 2003
Thanks for all who replied to the other thread and gave some free advice. (Bison, Lee Thompson, 67, Chuck Leeper)

Chuck came out from his rock and recommended a local cylinder head repair facility in Atlanta... Dover Cylinder Exchange. I sent some emails with pics to these guys and they told me that it was no problem that they could repair by spray welding. I dropped it off Tues and picked it up Friday. $350 and they blasted the block twice. Very very pleased with the work. It came out way better than expected. Here are some pics of what they did. Michael


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Yes, Grumpy it was $10 for JB and the rest labor. I just don't like getting my hands dirty. Now it should run 9.98s on pump gas.
My local cylinder head GURU does this too. His methods are secret but gives an warranty on a cracked head or block repair, some kind-of stitch repair. That job looks great in my book. I'm sure they heated the block first before the repair and let it cool down gradually. My company had many bellhousings repaired like this. Gene