UPS has delivery issues also,getting a package to me on time.


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Oct 24, 2006
Seems from time to time each of the couriers have a bad day or two.

Took them this long to get the package 13 miles. It was scheduled for delivery yesterday 11-03

Received by the post office

2016-11-04, 05:11:00, Springfield, OH 45501

Package departed UPS Mail Innovations facility enroute to USPS for induction

2016-11-02, 14:49:00, Urbancrest, OH 43123

Electronic Shipment Information Received for Package by Post Office

2016-11-02, 14:31:00, Springfield, OH 45501
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Shipping was free. The 13 miles i mentioned was the UPS facility it was at before transferring the package to USPS here in Springfield for delivery. They delivered the package yesterday. So it's all good now. I get a little impatient sometimes when they take more time or steps than i think is required. LOL

The store i bought the item from off ebay is located in Houston, TX

Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility

2016-11-01, 01:15:00, Carrollton, TX 75006

Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations

2016-11-01, 00:06:00, Carrollton, TX 75006

Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations

2016-10-31, 17:30:00, Houston, TX 77063
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Fedex sux here! My UPS driver lives 3 or 4 miles away. And the UPS hub is 20 miles.
Fedex sux here! My UPS driver lives 3 or 4 miles away. And the UPS hub is 20 miles.

The only complaints i have with fedex is when they deliver my packages. They sneak up next to the porch and lay the package down on the edge of it, as far away from the door as possible it seems. LOL

Or they deliver late in the day after dark and i'll look outside and happen to see a package there.
It amazes me the volume of packages these companies handle. Just getting them there eventually much less in a timely manner is a feat. Some of those drivers hit 300 stops in a day. When I worked seasonal last year the center I worked in was doing 40k packages a day and there were six "centers" in that building. That is about 250000 per day out of that building. mind boggling to me.