Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Here goes readers:

Probably every company goes through these issues I know of several companies not turbo regal that because cores are scarce owners have to send in their unit first to get a rebuilt unit. We hope not to get to that point.

We need stock wasted 1986-1987 Turbo Regal cores. We now issue a letter of credit for $150 per turbo. You pay shipping. Send by mail is the cheapest method. This helps us help other owners...it is not so kirban can get rich but so others can have a rebuilt stock or TA 49 Turbo.

Our TA 49 turbo uses the stock exhaust housing so low end torque is not sacrificed. If you got a turbo from us send your core in.....

We have now raised the core charge to $150 because we are not getting cores back....What good is a wasted dead turbo might as well cash it in for useful items.

Or, bring to our Spring Open House April 22nd....the more the better..

Bottom line is we need stock 1986-1987 Turbos to continue to offer this service.

To ship by mail use

Kirban Performance
PO Box 1199
Plumsteadville, PA 18949

if ups

6201 Kellers Church Road

We will take all you got. We don't need the inlet bell or actuator or exhaust elbow......

Also need powermasters they are worth $125 to us....but its turbos that we need badly...

Again see what you got gathering dust.....
Dennis, This off topic but who is a good source for refurbishing steering wheels.
We get them done involves a good core they are on our website we only do the grey ones. I am sure most sources all deal with the same company. A couple out of Michigan has been doing them for years for various Vette companies....

Again we only offer the grey ones...not sure if they are in stock but we got some coming in.

dennis, i have a stock turbo i can send you along with the 2 powermaster units. will mail out around easter.

Hello Dennis, I have 2 Turbos and 2 complete PM units but they have some water damage. Are they worth anything to you?