Ut Ohhhh...blew up the old Kenwood today


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Well we finially installed my new speakers, guess that old Kenwood just couldn't handle it. It powered the subs for a few minutes, then just decided it couldn't take no more! I recently purchased a set of 12' Sony Explód's & installed them into a Bandpass box, this replaced a set of 12' JL Audio's & some crappy homemade box. Thinkin' of having the JL's repaired & adding another Sony Explód Amp to power them also. Then I will have 4 12's, 2 6x9's, 2 6's w/2 1' tweeters & 2 4x8's in dash. Eventually all speakers will be replaced with the Explód brand, if they sound as good as these subs. I will attempt to add a pic as an attachment, but they usually don't attach for me (file always too large). If not I'll have to add a pic to one of my websites.
Good thing for Summit's quick shipping, I have 1 week till I'm making a trip to Atlanta for the NMCA finals/Street Car Shoot Out.

Couldn't add pic as attachment
if interested in seeing pic.....
maybe some other people that are heavy into car audio..like audiowizzard.. might have heard.. but dont worry. ive had 2 friends.. the only 2 friend of mine to buy sony explode ish had them literally explod... teh amp fried a few times and a chemeloin head unit caught on fire and burned the hell outa my friends 2001 chevy 2500 show trucks dash.. What kind of JL 12's were they? what head unit are u gunna use?what was teh old crappy amp..? I have 4 10's in 2 dual bandpass box's. one set are Kicker Stillwater Design C-10A's and teh other 2 are Crunch Power Ones.. and a 400 watt Profile amp bridged into the Kickers and the Crunch have a good ol Wal-Mart 500watt Road Gear amp...lol.. dont knock the cheap stuff. never had a day a trouble w/ it. I wish i could put down those back seats like in other cars.. we loose so much in the back seat and metal sheet behind it.