V-8 turbo engines??


May 28, 2001
I have a friend that is thinking of going to a v-8 turbo charged engine, I have heard bout a few fellas doing this but never paid much attention. Can someone plz give info on what type block and make they are using so I can pass the info along?
BTW I am still working on my stage II twinn, don't count me out of the G/N market yet :p
From what I have seen recently, everyone is staying GM.

Lets see,

Louie has a 400 ci Dart block
Cal is running an LS1 right now until he steps to a Warhawk LS style
Dusty is running SB2 stuff
I am going to be going with an iron block LS style 402
I know that there are more out there!

Pretty much, run whatever you want, whatever you are comfortable with. Take a look in the V8 Turbo discussion forum. ;)
For a Small Chevy..stick with the DART Little M block. They are much better than the World Products block. The Ls1 is also a good engine with a ton of parts available now.

Rotating assembley. Eagle and Scat cranks and rods for up to 1200hp or so. Above that I would chance it and would stick to Crower, Lunati and Callies cranks. I use Oliver Billet rods

Heads any standard 23 degree head like Brodix or DART will make 1400-1500 when ported. I swapped to SB2.2 nascar heads only because of the deal I got on them, otherwise it would have been a BMF 18 degree or 15 degree head for 1800+hp. DART and Brodix also have some very nice 15 and 18 degree heads for big power. I haven't look at Pro-filer in a while. They were mostly Big Block products but are top notch.
Nice truck in there I checked it out. I appreciate the response guys and D.B. thank you for the info, sorry I posted this in the wrong section, been awhile since I been on here and didn't realize we had a V-8 section.
I will pass the info along to my friend.