valve spring retainers


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If I were to lose a keeper from my stock GN heads, can I use a v8-455 or 350 set of valve spring retainers? Not sure if they are the same size
Are you talking about the retainers or the locks/keepers????
The retainers go on top of the springs
The locks/keepers go AROUND the valve stem to "lock or keep" the retainer and spring in place.
NO on the valve locks from a Buick 350 or 455 fitting a V6, the Buick V8 uses 11 degree locks, so its a no go.
Heres the difference between the Buick 455 and V6 locks/keepers


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thank you for the info. I have done several GM more chevy and was unaware the 11 degree was used on the 455. My bad
Buickkruss I do have plenty of the correct keepers and retainers if needed for a Buick V6.