Vapor canister purge valve replacement


The New Kid
Dec 21, 2001
I have an engine on the way! It has 0.030 over forged trw pistons and arp hardware through the whole motor. Stock caps, rods and crank. I’ll be installing a full throttle 210/215 roller cam with roller rockers and my champion irons and matching intake. Also going to get a tranny built and will have a 45a and 3200 lu converter. Could this combo see low 11’s maybe high 10’s with a good safe tune, and 93/alky? If not I’ll save my pennies and collect steel center caps, crank and rods to go in it.

Boost is your friend. But it might have probs with the 93 octane. Might consider better fuel.
My buddy and I just build my old stock short block and put on ported iron heads on it with a ft 212/212. He topped it with a 64/66. He has a 9/11 converter with 2800 or 3000 stall I believe. It should be easy mid 10s with 20psi boost but it's in an ultra light car. That stock block went 11.3 in my car so I see no reason with a good tune and traction you shouldn't be in the low 11s to high 10s. I would get a turbo other than the 45. It needs alot of stall. A 62/62 might be right in your zone.
I’m only saying a 45a because I’m ok with a higher stall and also because I have one. It’s a full weight car so I’m just wondering if I should leave the bottom end alone and just use steel caps or get rods and a crank
If you really want those times I'ld look to alky or e85. As far as the bottom end, I don't believe in half baked. Either go strong or not. If not then I see a high chance of a catastrophic failure especially with a heavy car.
I’d use 93/alky on street and 100/alky at track.. unless E85 is available
I have e85 but it’s very unrealistic in the rating if that makes sense... sometimes it’s e90 sometimes it’s e62 sometimes it’s e85 so that’s why I run 93
Quote; " I’m just wondering if I should leave the bottom end alone and just use steel caps or get rods and a crank " Strong bottom end will surely live a longer life,, the combo you stated will make around 500+ HP which is just about the line in the sand" ,,, run it fat and happy and don't let it knock at all. Keep fueling and tune the priority,,low timing high boost has kept mine alive a long time. Also a good converter can not be overstated.
Quote; "low timing high boost has kept mine alive a long time. Also a good converter can not be overstated.
Even on my current engine im only running 16° timing in high gear at wot with 21 psi... I’m in a way scared of timing. Sounds like I’ll be contacting Dave Husek for a converter!
Motor looks good to me and throw alky on top. You can get there with a small turbo. :)
You can't use the word scared in any sentence with the Buick. Cautious....! Send it !! Turbo Buicks have been running 10's for a very long time now and I think the reliability has came up tremendously. Seriously if your are thinking about running 10's put the best parts in the motor that you can and WORK ON YOUR TUNE! It seems like the motor that you are getting has a few upgrades done all ready and can probably last for quite a while. Looks like your plan is to race at Test-n-Tune on Thursday night and drive to work on Friday with the numbers still on the window. Am I right? Looking at your current signature you have a great laundry list of parts, you didn't state which turbo is on that motor. With a little tweaking and with the right turbo and converter, I could probably squeak a 10 out of it with enough seat time. I have done it with less, a lot less. Hopefully the motor that you build will be your street brawler and weekend warrior for a long long time. For the record on my current 109 when it is rebuilt I will put steel caps on it and push it a little harder.
Pretty much everything you do to a stock block is a band aid. It'll help it some but eventually you will break it. That one time the alky tank runs low or out. The tune gets goofed up when you disconnect the battery, you hit the wrong key and don't notice and upload the changes. . . Lots of stuff gets on the edge when you are running it this way.
All I will say is the 45a works. Took my ride with a single nozzle and 93 to 10.06 @ 135 with a 1.43 60ft weighing in at 3850#s. I run a baby 206 roller cam. Call Dave Husek I run his converter you won’t be disappointed. Check my signature for my combo.