Vendors/builders...I need bolts!


Double you eee what?
Apr 7, 2010
I'm doing a new motor from a bare block and just realized that I need a lot of bolts to get this thing done! I have main and head stubs and I'll be swapping my intake over, but I need bolts for the front cover, water pump, valve covers, oil pan, the little screw that holds the cam sensor in, knock sensor, etc. I'm getting new T/A stock replacement headers and I think they come with all the bolts needed even for the turbo. Is there anyone on here that sells all these bolts so I could get them in one place or do I need to just start piecing everything together?

I picked up a alloy bolts kit and it was close but many were wrong. But it gets you near all of them. Many trips to the local hardware store tho
Same here - I used an Alloy Boltz kit. Not perfect, but damn close.


I made up my own front cover set with stainless Allen bolts. I put a couple other sets together too. Guess I should consider offering them.
I've got a stainless 'Allen' bolt kit in the forsale section.

If you need pan bolts and washers I have those too