VETS... its that time of year again

USN 1996-2005
USS Vella Gulf CG-72 1997-2001
Recruiter NRS Terre Haute, Indiana. 2001-2004
USS San Jacinto CG-56 2004-2005
U S A F 1960 1964 aircraft mechanic, never left the usa/ discharged 6-11-64 maxwell afb montgomery

0311 Infantry - 1993-2000

6048 Aviation Life Support Systems / PR - 2000/Present

Thank you all who have served, past and present!!!
1341 Heavy Equipment Mechanic (first 6)
lat moved to
2141 Amphibious Assault Vehicle Mechanic (last 4)

Thanks to all who served and those who are serving now:)
USMC '78 - '82 5922 HAWK Missile tech 2dLAAM Bn 3rd MAW (enlisted)
My son 2nd Lt. USMC 2010 - Camp Pendelton, CA MASS3 3rd MAW deploying to Afghanistan next year
My dad & his twin USMC Philippines WWII 3rd MAW (NCO's)

Semper Fi & Happy Birthday, Devil Dogs!!!
(Nov. 10,1775 for all you civilians out there...) :)
U.S Navy 1981-2001
2 Frigates, 1 Destroyer,1 LPH, 2 FFGs
Officially on the retired list!
United States Army 1966 to 1968
Served in Germany as personnel actions clerck
got lots of enlisted men promoted to 2nd leuitenents to be killed in Nam.
US Air Force CMSgt (E-9), retired. I served from April 1984 through September 2009.

I had a wonderful 25 years in the Air Force. I got to see the world (including taking my "T" to Germany/Holland for a couple years), and had some other great experiences.

On my first tour in Europe (45 minutes from Amsterdam in Holland), I met my Dutch wife. My son didn't even speak English until he was five due to us living in Holland when he was learning how to talk.

I got to fly backseat in an F-15 (ever so slightly better performance than a TR by the way), a T-6II trainer, and right seat in a NATO AWACS E-3A. As a private pilot, each of these flights was a very special treat for me.

I was the senior enlisted advisor to a two-star general, and got to lead a career field of 350 enlisted men and women stationed around the globe.

I miss it, and still miss putting on my uniform in the morning.

After I retired, I decided to continue serving the Air Force and our country in a civilian position.

U.S. Army Combat Photographer (25V) 2000 - 2007

I had finished Basic Training and was in Advanced Individual Training at Fort Meade, Maryland on 9/11. We were about 30 miles from the Pentagon and just across the street from the NSA. Our nations number one intelligence agency seemed a likely target as events unfolded that day. I won't go into details of that day or the time that followed but I will say that it was a very surreal environment to find myself in.

Thanks to all that have served and those that continue to serve!!!

1980 -2001
MSgt (E-7)
2W071 Munitions Systems Specialist (AMMO)

My Son just enlisted in the Air Force last week as a Cyber Security Specialist, Damn proud of him.:biggrin:
US Navy 1965-1988
2 Carriers, 1 Frigate, 1 LPD, 1 Nuc.Cruiser, 2 Destroyers
EWCS (SW) Retired!
I can't edit my post to add pictures, so here they are, in order I hope.

USS America (CV-66)
USS Wasp (CVS-18)
USS Ouellet (FF-1077)
USS Ponce (LPD-15)
USS California (CGN-36)


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And the last two

USS Briscoe (DD-977)
USS Conolly (DD-979)


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USAF Power Pro/Aircraft Arresting Systems SSgt 95-02 out 2 months and hired right back doing the same thing as DOD civil service been doing it every since and my last day with the Air Force is tommorow then over to the FAA:).

Thanx to all that have served and are serving.

All gave some and some gave all!

Hoorah...thanx to all that have and are serving!
USAF 1994 - Present
17 years Civil Engineering (Structures)
2 years Keesler AFB Fleet Manager
Not a vet personally But I would like honor two of my Uncles.

Ralph Minga USN 1941-1945 Pearl Harbor Submarine Repair Unit
Rubel Minga US Army 1940-1944 North Africa.