Vigilante stall settings-- recommended pump # (stall) with TE-62


May 28, 2001
Just sent my vigilante in to precision for a freshening-- I thought I had a 0 pump (stall 3000-3200), but the gentleman who took it apart informed me that it was a 4 pump (2600-2800 stall).

I'm running a TE-62 now and want to confirm that folks recommend the higher stall setup before asking him to change it.

3200 stall to 3400 stall should work fine.

I used a 3200 stall Protorque single disk with my TA62.

I think the 6 pump may be what you want.
I would HIGHLY recommend a #6 pump!

I have one in my 86, and I LOVE it.

I just wish it was the newer 5 disk design instead of the 7 disk I have :mad:
Dave (or others),

I was leaning to the zero pump and after speaking to several vendors about my combo I've heard consistently that I could go either way (0 pump--for 3000 to 3200 stall-- or 6 pump)

How is the streetability with the #6 pump?

There's absolutely no difference in day to day driving. You only notice it when you "need" it. ;)

Really efficient, and when those clutches hit! hang on!
Originally posted by TurboDave
Really efficient, and when those clutches hit! hang on!

Thanks for the feedback-- too bad I have only "clutch"! The new 5-disc design sounds quite nice.

Just DON'T go with the #7!

When they were relatively new, back in the day, PI sold me a #7 (okay, that is what I told them I wanted!) and it "dropped" my T-Type's 60' from mid 1.7s (1.72 best) with a 2800 12" and Hoosier Quick Times, to high 1.8s on M/T slicks! Doh! Was way too high!
Sent it back and got a #4 pump at PI's recommendation after hearing my combo, and went 1.60 first time down the track with it. I liked it for my TE62 (and it's now in my WE4 with a TA62), but a few hundred RPM stall more wouldn't have hurt, I'm sure!