Vigilante/Trans-go Trans parts


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Aug 7, 2003
I need new clutch packs for my car and while I am redoing it, I want to put a shift kit in there and a new torque converter with a 3000 stall. I have found the vigilante 9.5" lock up converter. Pro-built, however, does not sell indiviually clutch packs that I need. Where should I go for those? Here are some links to show you what I plan on getting.

Shift kit:

Torque Converter:

Any input would be greatly appreciated... TIA

depending on how fast u want to go. that converter will not hold lock up's at WOT. you will need a multi disk if u wish to lock it up at WOT....i'd give Vince @ janis transmission a call. 330-753-6609

he will take care of you
I got my tranny rebuild kit from Mike Kurtz at Century trans, and it had all the good parts you would ever need. Give him a call, he is very phone friendly and also a sponsor on this site, check the vendors list. I've beat on my tranny and haven't had any problems. :)
Tarey D.