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30 years later, after many sleepless nights and countless conversations I pulled the trigger on #158. Brought her home Saturday!


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Congrats Chris !!!! Share more of the story and pics !!

Thanks! I was contacted by a member on here several months ago about this car. He let me know that he owned it and might be ready to let her go. Initially I was not super interested due to the fact that she's not a museum piece. I looked at several others that were low miles but higher dollar amounts... all needing certain repairs or what not but I kept thinking about this car... The big thing for me is I am NOT locking it up in storage, I want to drive it. So I decided to go take a look. 23, 680 miles, no jacket, no turbo, repaint in 05 (very nicely done), headers, no cat, Kirban Exhaust, Turbo Tweak chip, 42# injectors, adjustable regulator, Duttweiler mod done to factory intercooler, block numbers and trans numbers match the vin, typical interior wear (needs a headliner, sunvisors, small tear in driver's seat)... She's been driven, and I intend to drive her. I am going to try to locate a turbo and a jacket, but that's where my quest for STOCK will stop. The goal is to get her to run 11.99 at the strip and then leave her alone. I want to give a big shout out to Rick (Xray) and Doug from the registry for answering my phone calls and endless questions. I'll post pics and more info as I tear into to her. Oh, got it home late Saturday... unloaded her, took her out for about 10 miles or so... Sunday we threw 150 more on her!
Outstanding!! So happy to hear she's not going to be garage art. Keep us posted. We followed you for quite a while on this journey, and glad to see it ended like it should.

On a funny note. I brought the GN to a local car show and a guy asked me if my car was sponsored by Jiffy Lube due to the design of the power 6 emblem! I almost lost it on him.
Dam what a beauty iv been looking for a GNX driver for a few years but have not been able to pull the trigger for one reason or another ,
I wanted to buy Charlie sheens car on eBay 2 months ago but it sold quick this last time.

If any body has any leads on a nice drive please send me info thanx 714 457-6839 Rafael

Sorry for blabbing on your thread u do have a beauty congrats
Cudos on the repaint. For such a high priced classic it should have quality paint to match. Looks fantastic.
Thanks guys! Already getting the bug to get started with the repairs I want to do. Now if it would just stop snowing I could drive it!