Walbro 340 vs TT340 (Aeromotive 340)

I haven't heard from Nick yet. In the interest of a direct comparison between the two pumps I have already tested, I'd go through the motions of dropping my tank again and swapping the DW pump in and testing at some different pressures. I will also try and figure out how I can tap the wire (without compromising the insulation somehow) feeding the pump to see exactly what voltage we have. I can easly catch the voltage on the battery side of the hotwire relay I am using which is only about 3' from the pump..... but if I want to catch the voltage on the pump side of the relay.... it will be more tricky unless I can make some sort of pigtail I can install on the factory weatherpack connector from a junkyard connector..... that is the only way to do it on the pump side without compromising the insultion on the wire....
To tap the leads at the connector you need a pick to depress the tab on each pin to slide the pin out of the connector.The pick I'm familiar with is a GM specific tool that our 12v electricians used on experimental builds.It's like a very small jeweller's screwdriver. You have to depress the tab down pushing from the pin engagement end to clear the latch inside the connector, then carefully pull the subject wire (with the pin on it) out the backside of the connector. Slide the seal back down the wire to expose the backside of the connector.This will get you away from trying to pick the wire insulation. I have my engine out and could possibly rig a power supply and sample the denso but this would add terrible error into your experiment. I appreciate testing like this because everyone has the opportunity to benefit.
What I have done to monitor voltage is to strip some stranded copper wire, and cut out a couple of strands a few inches long. Undo the connector, put one end of a strand into the terminal, fold over the strand, re-connect the connector. Electrical tape will hold them in place and to prevent shorting. Put 2 alligator clip leads on the strands and the volt meter leads.
What would an aeromotive do with a boost a pump at 15 volts and 17 volts

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Just wondering if you ever had a chance to test the DW pump. I, for one, would like to see results, if you have the time and energy to test it.

I'm going to look over the lines tonight. I just switched a stocker over to E-85.I installed Erics chip, 80's, an accufab regulator, and a TT340. I was able to set the pressure to 44 psi line off. I did this on gasoline. Now it is full of E-85 and I have more tinkering to do over the next two days. It has a hot wire kit and the pump I took out was a parts store stocker.