Walmart cruise 7/26


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Feb 14, 2002
Anybody plan on going this week ?? I should have my Stage II powered buick there this week .
Allan Gorneault
Hopefully. If the GN gets cleaned it will go inside.

If not either car can sit outside with the shoppers. ;)

Xfactor will be there possibly to get his cruise control working.

Not sure about Mark H. He might be cruised out as he goes to most of them.

i have never been to a cruise before what does it take to go.does your car have to be supper nice or can we bring are daily drivers to.:cool:
wal-mart cruise

Rob you bring whatever you want, if it clears up a little i will be going with the GN. need a little exposure with the 4 sale signs...
Excellent weather for the cruise even though it looked like rain. Not a full lot either a few open spaces even.

3 TR's and a TTA.

Steve you shoulda came down perfect weather actually.

Rob if the car is relatively clean you can bring it inside the area. No cutoff dates or anything, saw a V8 SHO in there a coupla rice cars and new Mustangs even. If it isn't so hot just park it out with the shoppers and walk right in with the rest of the tourists. That's what I always do when I bring salvageV6 there. Lots of nice 60's muscle cars there tonight Ford and Chevy with the usual mopar and olds cars too.

Excellent looking Pantera there tonight too, way to low to the ground for my bad back. :D