Want color changes? Here you go!

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May 23, 2001
Many have commented on the colors being a little too "loud" so I have been experimenting with the colors (as many of you might have noticed). Hopefully, things might look a little better.


Now if you want just a "cut-and-dried" version of the message board, we created a new message board "style" for you to use. It just has less graphics, colors, etc...

Here's how to activate it:

Click on the User CP button at the top.

On the next screen, click the Edit Options link.

On the next screen, scroll down near the bottom and look for the Style Set: option.

Change that option from Enhanced to Basic.

Click the Submit Modifications button.

You should see a few changes form that point on. To change back to the Enhanced mode, just follow the same instructions and choose the Basic option.

We're still working on making thigs work well as far as color etc... so you might see yet a few more changes in the near future. Constructive feedback is always welcome!
I like the basic, perfect. Easy on the eyes. Thanks, Jason. Now that I've duly "sucked-up", can I be a moderator? :D
Thanks for the choice...I like the basic better, but it's nice to be able to pick w/out changing it for everyone.
Just switched to basic. Much better. I can post now without getting a headache:rolleyes:
They're both pretty good. I like the enhanced one more because it's got some pretty distinct colors in certain places.

That's what I wanted to hear, some people liking one or the other, and not everyone liking one or nobody liking the other.

We just wanted to give everyone more options. I personally like the enchanced version, but I am obviously biased. :)

Thanks for the feedback!
The difference between the basic and enhanced version is only color and graphics. That's it. It is otherwise the same message board using the same database, just loading a different set of images and colors but the same user and post information.
Color Scheme

It would be cool if you can set up your own colors cheme per person or have premade ones maybe of the color code of the GN or something like that.
I kinda like the new color scheme.... it seems to be a little easier on the old eyes, but we have lost the ability to tell what posts have been previously viewed....HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!
Keeping something simple and easy to use is the key here, and I think Jason D. has done an outstanding job for this board for all of us to enjoy....
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Originally posted by BigDaddy
Talk about useless threads................isn't it about time to close this one and move on to something else?

This is far from useless. People are still signing up as new members on this board and this is helpful to them to let them know they have a choice in how the board looks.

However, we are going to be including this info (as well as other info) in the e-mail that gets sent out to new board registrants, so this thread will go away sooner or later.
What happened to the cool Blue!!! I liked that one. Could that one be an option - or the Basic one????
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