Wanted to Check in..


Jun 5, 2001
Hello guys,

It sure has been a while.. Hope all has been well out there in the TR world.. You’ll never guess… I am getting that TR itch again.. I have been sorry ever since I sold my White car, and I am not sure if that turbo desire ever goes away... After 5 of them you think I would learn my lesson. I am currently in my 2nd year of frame off/rotisserie restoration on my 68 SS 396 Chevelle and the work never ends. I have been hanging around Jeff’s shop now and then while he helped me out with some of my suspension headaches, and I think that’s what triggered it.. It also doesn’t help that one of my good friends just picked up a White on Burgundy Chrome “T”. Attached is a link to some photos of my Chevelle Progress. I also have my eye on a special car that may be on the horizon soon.. :biggrin: Did I mention I miss the Friday Night Tower Shops....

Chevelle Tech - F1's Album: 68 SS396 4 Speed

Take care..

the turbo itch never goes away ;) , hope to see ya back were you belong :cool:
great looking ss nice work!
Bro don't you know you never get over the Buick bug, get rid of that piece of chevele and get back in black !!! Just kidding, car looks great.
Dave, good to see you back in the TR world. I told you not to sell the white T LOL!!!
Hey Dave, I hope you make it to tower shops tonight. I know you said you may not be able to make it but......come on man!! Lucky you, you can see my new TR again. I got the bug sooooooooooo bad. She will have new shoes on all 4 corners by tonight.:) :biggrin:

For all you TR fans out there. I just got a nice survivor, 87' White T with chrome pkg and burgundy int, astro roof and dig dash. One owner car, original paint except for the drivers quarter. Its a real nice dry car.

I have to thank Jeff at Trackside in pompano for all his help. Those guys are great over there. I also have to thank F1 himself for hooking me up with the car thru a mutual friend of ours. I know it won't be long before Dave has another TR....guaranteed! He's a junkie also.