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Thinking there maybe some diesel types on this board who could help with sale of used DPF. I am trying to find out the value of 4 filters we have and would like to sell.
I have found the sale of catalytic converters from cars is pretty straight forward. I had 5 used cats that i could not sell at local scrap yards due to laws preventing crack heads from
stealing them. You have to show a title or ownership of the car or truck the cat came from. Or you know someone? I found an internet guy and we did business in a restaurant parking lot.
The DPF is about the same crowd of buyers but the level of precious metal in them if any seems a dark area. You are left to deal with the guy on the internet in a parking lot out of the trunk? You cant shop for a better price i think they are all related?
These things weigh a ton and shipping would be ruff. Especially since they do not seem to have even half of the value of a OEM car cat?
Does someone know or direct us to a person or place that we could get a straight answer on these four filters on there worth?
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I need to be working on my Stage 2, TType ! Being recently retired people know i have time to mess with this kind of stuff !

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A diesel DPF is actually made from sintered sand where soot particles are filtered from flowing exhaust gas so its not very valuable item, however some manufacturers recycle them by heating them up and cleaning the resulting ash and then reselling them as reman spares. One DPF can be cleaned and re-used 3-5 times. Many diesels use also DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) which is basically 1 way catalysator (instead of 3 way as in gas engines) it may have some value because of its metals.
Thanks for the input Kris. I am convinced they are not worth what a true catalytic converter is but want to explore all avenues before i give up to the internet guy. The guy who offering only $280.00 for all. He is fairly anxious to meet me for a deal?
Makes me wonder how much is on his end??
Getting an education on selling items in parking lots!
Thanks for the links. I have seen the red fox article but not the Hensley.
They both still make me think the true values of the dpf filters are not widely known to the group that buys in parking lots.