was stage II motor for sale


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Nov 5, 2002
after talking to my boss (who i was selling this for) i found out this is in fact one of gary lee's motors. about 2 years ago he traded gary his Typhoon highly modifyed & cash for 2 of these motors they were checked out before use and turned out one of them had a cracked head and crank, gary was supposed to make good on it and never did the other motor (the one for sale) was given a clean bill of health and just got a freash set of bearings but gary was supposed to give the intakes, turbos, piping, timing cover, pan and headers but never made good on that either. gary was also supposed to return the custom hood that was on the typhoon and never made good on that.
as for the parts listed they are what gary said was installed in the motor,
now as for this motor being raced/built be crispins auto tech it was not i assumed it was, so now i look like an ass, i guess i shouldnt have assumed. it was going to be used in a tube frame GN but never got in it due to gary not making good on the remainder of the parts. this is the motor that gary had run 7's in the 180's

Does anyone know anything else about Gary Lee ??
Does anyone have any history on this motor ?
Looks like the guru in Miami that I asked about this motor was right after all (if you remember in the thread that was deleted I mentioned that I heard this was one of Gary Lee's old motors):D
I'm glad that your boss told you the truth about this motor so that everybody is clear on what it is and where it came from...... As far as Gary Lee goes all I know is that he had a twin turbo (274ci Stage II V6) TR that weighed 2750lbs and ran 7.57 @181+mph....... Oh yeah I also have been told that he owes some people money and from what I heard he may be hiding out in Fort Lauderdale or some other part of Florida (we get all the good guys here in the Sunshine state).... Maybe somebody else can shed some more light on Gary Lee and/or the history of this motor:cool:
I'm glad that your boss told you the truth about this motor

its not that he lied to me i just assumed too much instead of asking for facts so its really my own fault
Originally posted by Gbodyolds
its not that he lied to me i just assumed too much instead of asking for facts so its really my own fault

I wasn't trying to say he lied what I meant was that it is good that he clarified (went into further detail) so that people are clear on what the motor is and where it came from..... In NO way was I implying that your boss was trying to pull a fast one (rip somebody off)..... FWIW, personally I think it is commendable that you came back on here to set things straight and actually took the blame for assuming:) :cool:
I sold Gary Lee three motors. The first two he bought were fresh ASA motors built by Prototype. The last was a Busch motor built by Barnes and Reese. These were followed by a bunch of parts. A billet crank, 9 to 1 heads, bearings, valves etc.
After a bounced check and few dozen phone calls I ended up getting shafted for only about $2500. Its been a while so I dont remember the details on the engines. I know one of them was the engine he had in his car when he ran the 181. Sooner or later he will surface. When he does someone let me know. Ron
Try using www.whitepages.com to look him up in that state or another type of "Finder" it might help you in your search. Youde be suprised at what you can do online when you are looking for people. Good luck!!:)
What color is this typhoon, and if you do know what type of mods it has I might be able to trace this guy down based on that info.
i have the other motor in this discussion.......i bought it form jason carter and was told i have the good motor i was inspected by scott merkel and told that there was no damage and the motor was perfect NO damage so .......one of us has a bad motor ..........hmmmmmm

Haven't surfed in awhile. I know Gary and unforturnately he did shaft a couple of people, Ron and myself included. The motor was built by a guy named Hank. Hank is from New Rochelle and a competent engine builder. I don't know if that is helpful but just wanted to throw it in. The turbos on the car were sold to someone in Brooklyn.

I paid Gary in advance for a motor that never showed up, but I was somewhat fortunate to get a Data logger out of the deal. Also, I sold Gary a set of twin turbo headers that you probably bought. I never got fully paid for them either. I believe Gary is in Florida and has forgotten about all his misdealings. What goes around will eventually come around. Good luck.