We are Blessed


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Mar 1, 2009
I hope you guys really realize how blessedwe are
to have the vendors we have like Julio, Dave Husek, Eric and numerous others that take time out of the personal lives to help us many times after hours. Dave Husek gave me a courtesy call the other day when he saw a thread I had about something not even related to the trans. There are no words that can even start to express my graditude to Julio.

I would like to personally thank the vendors I've had dealings with

Turbo Buick Performance
Turbo Tweak
Alky Control
Full Throttle Speed
Jays' JN
Cottons Performance
Highway Stars
Gbody Parts

God Bless and have a safe Holiday
+1!!! Thanks to all of you guys that take your time to help us guys out. It takes sacrifice to do this stuff as a business and too many people take it for granted now a days.

I'd also like to ad Lonnie Diers to the list. He's always a great guy to talk to and stands behind his builds. We've seen a lot of tranny drama from guys that lie, cheat, and disappear. It's nice to have you guys around that we know we can count on.