Wednesday Woodward Again

Its that time again for the Wednesday before the 'Woodward Cruise' meet up at the Staples parking lot north of Square Lake Road on the west side of Woodward. That's August 15 th 2018. People start to show up around 4:00 ish. All Buick Turbo cars and TA's are welcome. We Have had in the past a pretty good turn out. August 15 th at 4:00 ish. Hope to see you there. I think its by Leo's Cony Island. ( or Kirby, I can't remember.) Russ
Turboslots, you have quit the collection of trophies my friend. If you don't mind me asking many car shows do you attend a year?


'Horse sneeze' addict
Looking like rain for Wed... weather can change by then but wonder if we should set a rain date of Fri if the weather gets bad.