Welcome Me Back

WOW you do suck ! I never wanted a WH1 until now. Congrats & good luck with it.

i have been wanting 1 for about 4-5 years now! had gn's have 2 we'4 have 2 tta's have 4 other ttype's all intercooled, but i really want a hartop or astroroof 86 wh1 with grey bucket seat interior NON rotbox with original drivetrain.

may have to sell some cars/stuff to get one!

did i mention i am jealous :)

hope to see you at some of the buick shows,
Seriously that blows that your car got stolen but something tells me this new one is gonna make everything alright.:D I can't stop looking at the pics of your car, she is a beauty. Again good luck & enjoy.

That is as near a perfect example of a WH1 as I have seen, if I were you I would be hesitant to drive it. Thats where a new friend like me comes in handy. I volunteer to drive it for you a minimum of 100 miles a day.

I'll be in to pick up the keys soon.


Car is home safe and sound now and I could not be happier with the way everthing came out. Tint is top notch and looks great. 5% on all 3 rear and MA legal on the 2 sides. Thanks to All Pro Tint in Fairhaven MA, The headliner came out perfect as did the visors. Thanks to Dom's Custom Upolstry Fairhaven MA. And a huge thanks to John M. @ American Pride in Fairhaven MA for his skills with the BUFFER, and his cleaning crew who washed and waxed and claybar'd this baby and it looks great. As I said before the paint is original on this car with the exception of the spoiler. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment. Oh yeah seats are the original ones and never were covered.

My wife Kara's new toy too. We traded her 97 GTP for this GXP, she is very happy with it so far.


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She looks purty.
Front axles been replaced in the GXP? Common problem.
Just finished installing my 90/10 lakewoods and new front tires and I realized who ever installed the hotchkis lowering springs had them out of place 180deg. Now the car sits perfect in the front. Pics to come. Looks Sick now.


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Wow! congrats! that is one GORGEOUS car!!

always been a huge fan of the WH1 package - best looking of all the turbo Regals IMO.