Well heck its been fun


Building Boost
Dec 17, 2014
Well I figured After Unc passed Id rebuild the car and go full blown with it as we talked about many nights on phone about. I didnt know life was gonna happen. Lord did it. Lost my job Id been at cause they sold the business, found 2 days later a new baby was coming, and to boot wife just found out her job was soon to be over.

I had sell EVERYTHING and move in with in laws. We kept the tahoe and my truck since they were paid for. Ive come to believe Ill never get another gn or ttype now.

Still on the job hunt as were both not working except when I can get some odd and end work. Just a crappy year for us.

So hopefully this year I can make a 180 and maybe eventually find me another turbobuick.

I'll be back and chit chat when I can.
Sorry to hear it brother. No way to start the year off but always remember things are only temporary whether bad or good so enjoy what you have and your time will come again soon.

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Yea, man I know. I got to dependent on the oilfield. It screwed me twice now.
Once the baby arrives you'll realize he/she is much more important than a ratty old car. Hopefully you'll be able to get into one down the road.
Sucks to hear, but the good news is, they didn't take your health and you are all here to fight another day. The glass is always half full. You are blessed whether you can see it or not. All the best in 2018!!!
It could always be worse, be glad you have a glass. Family is best and you have a little one on the way. When the clouds part, here comes the sunshine. Always be positive. We have it much better than some. Maybe some cliches in here but they are true.
keep your head up. Keep moving forward. You can do what you put your mind to. Put together a written list of goals and adjust them as needed.

as above you have a child on the way and it will change everything. Yall will make great parents.
The economy is looking good. Put it all in the Lord's hands and you'll be better off than you could ever imagine.
I believe that 2018 is going to be a great year. I don't think I'm the only one. ;)
Trying to its hard. I been overlooked for 10 different jobs now. I have been looking at everything.
Don't look at it as over looked. You need to see it as it wasn't the right fit for.you

you just have to keep on beating the bushes until something falls out.
I can't say everyone has been through some down times but I bet many have. Cant let it get the best of you. Keep moving forward. Because even if you are on the right track if you are sitting still the train could hit ya
I been turning some wrenches and all in a little shop and doing window tint on the side in some not so good parts of town. However Im maken decent money doing it and keeping my gun close to me as well.

Havent had any issues lately if ya dont mind counting 5 and 10s lol. Harbor Freight has been good to me for now on the tool department. I interviewed last Tuesday with another steel company to do QC this time I will be sitting up a building where I can at least fall back on window tinting and working on a car or two if need be.