Went deer Huntin' today.


Jun 7, 2001
My best friend and I are always going back and forth on whose car is faster and bla bla. Well, My car has pretty much been out of commission for about the past 4 months due to a bad Cam and Coil pack and other stuff (Does it ever end?) so I've been hearing his sh!t about how his car is the fastest Bolt-on Impala (W/O N2O)in the state of Florida (And It is, 13.75@99mph w/1.85 60') and how his motor is still going with 142K and no rebuilt. It's a 95 SS Impala. He's like the king of the local street race areas here in our part of town (cause I don't go and all their is is ricers and crappy rustangs).

I've been buggin him ever since last week when I finally switched cams and coil pack and got the car tuned for 14psi. Well, I guess he just about had it with my sh!t so he gave me a call today at about 11 a.m. and we meet up at a local "warehouse" street race place nearby.

We both let our cars cool down for about 20 min. and then lined up. I was full street trim (235/60, 14psi, pump gas) and he was full race trim except for his 275/50 BFG DR’s, which he left at home. We both took air out of our tires ( I went down to 22 psi :eek: )for some extra traction.

We did our burn outs, and then lined up. I held the brakes and brought the rpm's up to about 3,200 (still zero boost in my car)

1st honk, 2nd honk, 3rd honk and were of. I hook! And instantly have half a car by the end of First. Second gear comes in and I fish tail a little but extend the lead to 1 1/2 cars when it hooks! Third gear comes in and I easily have at least 2 1/2 to 3 cars on him (I'd say at about 80-85 or so) and still pulling so I let off.

He's one of these people who hates to lose and always has something theoretical to say that makes you think: "Damn, he's right, Fu**er) So he saids, "2 cars, 3 cars, thats it? This a big 4 door bla bla bla w/ bla bla".

On the way back home, we both catch a red light and line up again. Green light comes up and we’re off.

Again, same result. I had 2 cars by 65 or so.

But this wasn't enough for him. He wanted to see more Buick taillights (this time from a different angle I guess) so we went to
another spot, let the cars cool a bit, and lined up.

He was saying that he was spinning to much and I was hooking, so I decided to build 2 psi just to spin some tire for him and shut him up.

1...2...3.......Were of. I spun all the way threw the middle of second and still was able to stay next to him while doing it and when I hooked, pulled 2 cars on him and then shut it down.

This should shut him up for a while (or maybe not). I can't wait to throw on the slicks and fill up with C16 w/ 22psi to see what this baby will do. :eek:

Take care guys.
Good kills Jorge.

Your car the way it sits should be in the low 13's with traction the way it sits.

Add boost and tires, with a good tune. Mid to low 12's@110 ++ should be easily obtainable. With those times, you'll be hard pressed to find a impalla that can hang. Although in my case, i have heard and now know they are stronger on the bigger end of things(racing on a roll@ 70 plus) just like the z28 lt1/ls1 cars.

Alex, I'm shooting for what ever I can get without going over 22 PSI. I still have some what of a stock bottom end with the "tape-up" job that I did when I spun two bearing in Feb. so I don't want to push it. I'm at 152 K whitout a full rebuilt. Plus, I think my Intercooler won't be able to handle more than that amount efficiently. If I had a Front mount, and a 9" converter, I'd be in the 11's like you at 24-25 psi.

Yeah, I should be able to handle all of SOFASST except for Mr. Perez. (10.30 @ 130something?)


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