What are your thoughts about gun shows?


Nov 7, 2002
First off: I am not a gun nut. I have a few but not an arsenal like some folks.
Therefore, I am not really sure what thing should be selling for, what's a good deal and what's a rip off.

In light of recent events, I was thinking of hitting one of the gun shows that's going to be here in a few weeks. What do you guys think? Waste of time? Or a decent place to get a deal?

I've always like the AR15's but I expect those will be through the roof. I'm also thinking of a smaller Glock for the wife.

I go to 1-2 shows a month. I might see 1-2 good deals per show. Meaning out of the entire gun show their might be 1 or 2 guns below walk into a gun store price. I like to go and look at the antique knives and old leather stuff etc...you never know whats going to be there. And i wouldnt recommend trying to sell anything at a gun show....dealers will put you in a bad mood like your gun is worthless and theirs are golden. Your definitely right that it is a really bad time to buy an AR. I think you will have a better chance finding a deal by placing a wanted ad on armslist.com than a gun show…dealers make a living off price spikes like this. Also, just ask around…AR’s are so popular you never know when a friend of a friend needs some $$$ and looking to part with some artillery.
The local guy I dealt with, had 62 AR's about 10 days ago. Last Fri, he had 1...Go figure. He's NOT discounting them at that rate of sales.
.223 ammo..Scratchin some up.. Not much to be had.
I bought my Ruger AR about a yr ago...Put a Nikon scope on it. I LIKEY!:D
I've had great luck and a great time at gun shows. I've actually taken 4 long guns and came back with 4 (3 different ones) and $400 to boot. If you know what you're looking for and are willing to browse around you can find all kinds of deals. I don't go very much anymore but I've seen 1 guy getting a divorce walk in with a paper bag full of pistols and my old business partner bought the whole bag for $500. There were several high end weaposn in there and we estimated the total of what he bought was well over $2K.:eek:
Just went to a metcalf show today...the place was a mad house. ARs and AKs were ridiculous priced i couldnt find a decent deal on any gun let alone the before mentioned.
i have bought a few guns from shows but generally most stuff is best off being bought privately out of a local paper of some sort or from friends