What cam???????

OK, I had another thread titled "I'm so sick of this car"........I found out last night that the problem is in fact the cam and lifters and the noise gets louder each time I drive it. It's the ticking noise........and to verify, I loosened the rockers on the drivers side and wow, did the noise get even louder! So it's either a bad lifter or probably even more a wiped cam lobe..........

Either way, I'm going to replace the cam before I install my Alky kit......what suggestions do you have? I'm leaning towards a roller cam....what are the good ones, what are the ones to stay away from? Also, is it safe to replace the cam without yanking the engine abd having new cam bearings put in?

Thanks for any input
Anyone have any input on a cam/lifter combo??? Also, what should I expect to pay just for the parts, I will be doing the labor..........