What do I do with the money??


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Aug 7, 2003
Ok guys this might be a topic for the Lounge, but if nothing else I figure more people will see it here.

The woman just gave me some money to use on the car as an "early" Christmas present...It's early so that i can take advantage of the sales our vendors are having.

Anyway I'm pretty set on a that scanmaster Mike Licht has on sale for $219, but that leaves like $50 bucks to use on something small...I don't have any thing I really need to fix at the moment so what do you guys think?? Nothing cosmetic please.

Anyway, all opinions are welcome...I know that's not much to work with, but if some wants to sell me a used scanmaster cheaper (right it on your taxes as a charity donation :p ) I could do like a power plate or something.

My car is basically stock except for a dump pipe, Mass Air Pipe, FP, AFPR, race chip/and a street chip, Adj. Actuator, and slightly larger injectors (like 30's or something).

Thanks for any opinions.
Open a savings account for paint?

I see your car is in primer.... o you could be going for that look.
It's all about the sleeper...NO ONE thinks my car is fast...Until I smoke em.

I'm going for paint next year some time...I'm more worried about ET at the moment.
But seriously, a Power Plate is a nice mod for that sort of money. And it could save your butt. (I never thought I'd be writing this - r u listening TB.com? Where's my commission?).

Originally posted by strikeeagle
But seriously, a Power Plate is a nice mod for that sort of money. And it could save your butt. (I never thought I'd be writing this - r u listening TB.com? Where's my commission?).


LOL commission...only problem is I have to come up with a couple extra dollars for that...It's definitely on the list.
I almost forgot to tell you guys...I'm always up for used parts, so if anyone has anything they want to sell, let me know, I'll at least pass the word, even if I can't afford it right now.
Use the $50 to take your woman out to a nice dinner.. It will pay huge dividends in the long run..

But I did that Last week...Besides the deal is I spend this on the car and she gets to spend the same amount on herself in Jan...so we both win.
Man, scrowng up some more change and get a knock guage sensor, or me a dictanary, I can't spell scroung for nothin.
About taking her to dinner, thats why they make gift certificates, get her a gift certificate for dinner for christmas:D
My woman did the same for me, but it cost me more than a meal, she gave me the $bling bling$ for a new turbo, but I had to get her a ring:eek:
dang....I'll probably take THAT plunge next spring sometime.

Not a bad idea though...That was actually my first thought, but I have nothing to add to her donation, at least not until Jan...the holidays are wiping me out.

Maybe I'll just buy some running shoes :p..I can loose some weight and make the car faster, LOL.
Hey I may have the answer...New Hood Struts!!!!

That way I can keep the broom handle at home when I go to the track...Just a thought, I'd rather go fast.
TTT...just looking for fresh ideas, I don't "have" to get the scanmaster, if I don't get it this month I'll get it next month.
I'd stick with getting a scan tool. Maybe pick up an air bag for the right rear with whatever money is left. Better 60' = even better ET:D

Air bag, that's a good idea....How ya doing Don?? I can't wait unitl spring so I can come see you DC guys.
Definitely Scanmaster, the get a PowerPlate or good Chip if you don't have one. Also, a boost or oil pressure gauge would be good if you don't have that either.
Well I ran into a snag...See I'm not going to be pushing the car very hard till spring...I can get a scanmaster anytime until then because it's not EXTREMELY expensive, and I have someone selling me a used THDP for $270 shipped...So I'm probably going to do that and get a scanmaster in Jan.-Feb....PP is also on the list and I just realized I don't have a hotwire kit yet...But please keep the suggestions coming...Maybe I can make my car plans for the next 6 months or so.

(and to answer bishir, I have a boost gauge, but no oil pressure yet)
That's a pretty good deal on the THDP. Are you getting the test pipe too?

You won't see much gain with it on the times you're running, but do make sure you get a scantool and Hotwire kit asap. I like the Racetronix kit..