What do these cars put to the wheels on a dyno?


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Mar 24, 2002
What does a stock GN put to the wheels on a dynojet? 210 hp / 300 torque ??

Do you guys dyno a lot? It seems like every ls1 guy there is gets a dyno, I think that's because the cars are such dyno queens everyone gets stoked by the numbers.
My 87 T stock except for a gutted cat, walboro fuel pump with reds
volt booster, 15 pounds of boost, and reds 93 chip made 250 hp
on a Dynojet in a very warm shop. After adding an ATR 2 1/2"
exhaust and Mark Hs' cold air, it felt at least 35 hp stronger.
The car is now at Ron's auto getting a few "minor" upgrades.
Can't wait to get it back!!!
You have to remember, these cars don't act like "tuned" cars,
they make power like a strong big block. No revving to 8 k
to make power. Even highly modified ones peak out at about
5k, this engine is a torque monster.
Yeah I know, that's why I'm interested in peak torque numbers and such. I'd like to see anybody's dyno graphs if they have 'em..
I have some scans of my dyno sheet. Its in BMP format so its huge. Email me if interested.
Dyno run

I had a stock rebuild on the dyno 3 years ago. I was using the stock turbo, but with blue tops. I dynoed at RW 290HP and I think 390 FP torque.

I had mine done a couple weeks ago and was pretty much stock. Just a dump pipe, cold air, Thrasher street chip, pump and regulator. I put down 291 RWHP and 467RWTQ. How's that for peak torque with less than $400 in mods?
What about the intercooler?
I always thought that a Dyno test wouldn't prove much because your car isn't moving. Thus, no air is being passed through the intercooler and you are getting a lot of hot air. Plus I have a cold-air induction kit underneath my front turn signal.
I don't like the dynos much either. Mine pulled 379 RWHP and 480 TQ with the same tune that I was running high 11's in. High 11's with my fat pig of a car would more indicate around 450 RWHP, I think.
my BONE STOCK turbo trans am had a K&N filter, and NOTHING else done to it-
323 horse 430 torque

my pretty much stock limited- te44,msd 50's stretch, stock 90* elbow from turbo, 2 1/4 test pipe, and hemco-
475 horse 615 torque
We have 2 GN's in the family. One was all stock but a K&N, and some alky injection to hold off detonation at 19 psi. That car put down 291RWHP / 446 Ft-Lbs Torque. The second car was indentical but it had a 3" downpipe, and 40 lb injectors, and put down 315RWHP / 460 RWTQ. After putting on a TE-44 and V4 intercooler on the second car, the Dyno numbers came up to 402RWHP / 558 RWTQ... It ran 11.70's in that trim, which was about 23 psi. Hope this helps some.

first of all when you dyno your car make sure that there is a fan blowing air in the intercooler, we use a big 3ft high fan and a small high flow fan that is put right in front of intercooler, my #s with a turbonetics 60 ball bearing turbo and 43lb injecters, volt booster, stock heads,cam,t/b, plenum,PTE front mount ,open exhaust, race fuel,race chip, was 373 hp 473ft #s torque,made all power and torque at 4100 rpm,
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my pretty much stock limited- te44,msd 50's stretch, stock 90* elbow from turbo, 2 1/4 test pipe, and hemco-
475 horse 615 torque

Yeah baby!

Those are the kind of #'s I am hoping for when I get the car tuned in right and put it on the dyno. :D
:D :D

its all in the tuning-- try and at least get the car tuned before you take it to the dyno!!!

stock tta 330 horse 430 torque
had airfilter, chip, and nuttin else-
Mine just put down 310hp and 435 tq. just last weekend. It's basically stock with the few additions in the sig. I think the torque maybe should have been a little higher but I'm not complaining...:D