What do you think of pan rail repairs


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Sep 24, 2001
The block i have just bought has a pan rail repair. I was just wondering what people thought about it? This block didnt get any cylinder damage at all,just the pan rail and the registers are still tight:) I would say this was a pretty nice repair and is worth running again...4.010 bore. I just need to make sure the cam bore and the main line didnt move to far from the heat..Would most people want weld instead of brass. To me you would destort the block more heating it cherry hot to weld it.Also has anybody had a block tumble shot blasted before.

What do you think Bill,Kendal,Neil ?


Relax.That repair looks just dandy.I seriously doubt it'll ever let you down.Your mains and cam bore alignment should good also.Not much thermal stressing there.As to the cleaning,why not get out your die grinder and clean it up with an abrasive wheel?
I had a couple of stock blocks shot blasted. There was a local shop that
would heat the block to 400*F and then bolt it their blast machine. The blast
machine would turn the block on a rotissiery(sp?) and blow shot at it from
different angles. I really liked the results! Unfortunately, the shop went
out of business. I haven't been able to find anyone else in my area that
does this.:( HTH Good Luck.:)


I wouldn't really care if it was welded or brazed. Proper welding or brazing techniques should include preheating the entire block before/during welding. I would be most concerned about main bearing bore and cam bore distortion.

I would want to bake/anneal the block after repair to normalize the metal. If the bearing bores check out after repair, then everything is cool.

My local machinist shot blasts blocks and heads after baking them in an oven to remove the grease and oil. The castings turn out very nice after the process. If overdone, shot blasting can leave a rough surface in the bearing bores and lifter bores. It might be necessary to align hone the block after blasting.

If you are going to have this done, you could put rubber freeze plugs in the main and cam bore to protect them from the shot.

This is just me, it looks a little to close to the Mainwebbing to make me feel comfortable. But again this is just me.