What ET & MPH should I see?


Dec 4, 2006
What ET & MPH should I see with this combo? 87 GN,PTE51 turbo with PTE housing,stock location Spearco intercooler,MSD50's,Walbro hot wired FP,Alky control 24-25psi no Knock,TT Alky chip,2800 stall,MT ET drag radials 275x15"-28",65mm TB,Precision dog house with power plate,THDP.2½" hooker exhaust/TH Cat
Oct 1992 I ran 12.34ET@111.22mph,1/8-7.87@87.30mph,60ft1.74 stock except Spearco stock location intercooler,30lb injectors,Bosch external FP,2800 stall,20psi boost,117 fuel,Conleys mini mag chip,MT 26" slicks,2psi launch,2¼" Kenne Bell exhaust(stock Y pipe):eek:
My street car had a very similiar combo when I bought it and it ran like 11.60's...
You should be able to nail down 11.50's easily with a decent 60'. Your run back in 92 had enough mph to run 11.90's if you 60' 1.58-1.60.
At LVD probably a 11.90 at 114mph.

Pretty much the same combo. as my GN.

If it actually hooks 11.70 or so, no 20mph headwind 115-116 mph. :p ;)