What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

In my case, I had too much disposable income!:rolleyes:
I knew the guy that designed the TB & the engine hoist.
The hoist was first, and the Buick followed due to low sales volume of the hoist.
Shortly after, he invented floor dry.;)

I thought that was Al Gore......
My first ride in one 32 years ago and I still have it. GN 80,000 10.5 car and I still enjoy it and take it to local car shows. Followed Red's formula and it's still looks stock for the most part. A real street race setup, thanks for asking 🤠
Yep think I remember u replying to my Ali vs Holmes thread years ago
If your thread was on TB or FB, most likely. Maybe even on YouTube. My first love, the sport of boxing. Watched the first three Rocky Movies and then when I seen Rocky IV, I really got into boxing. Not just as a spectator, but as a participant as well. I may be sparring tonight with a former professional fighter, his name is Marselle Walker. He ran his pro record to 6-0-0-6 and he quit the sport. I am not sure why he quit, but if ever there was a man built for the sport it is Marselle. He is 6'2" with an astonishing 84" reach or wingspan. As pro he fought at Super Middleweight (168lbs) and Light Heavyweight (175lbs).
Wait....Didn't Al say he invented the Internet? 🤣
Al Gore, did not say, "He invented the Internet"! Al Gore said, "He took the initiative in creating the Internet"! LMAO! Poor choice of words, because in the early 90's Gore did put forth legislation to build the infustructure to support the World Wide Web or Internet.
To preface this, I always did like girls with unusual noses. Think Jennifer Grey, before the nose job. Anyway, I was on my way to the big city to look for a Mustang when I said what the hell, let's see what's on this Buick lot. There she was in a row on the used car side, with her front bumper sticking about a foot out in front of the rest of the line. Dressed in all black, with one of the best noses I have ever seen, damn she was a looker. Took her for a drive and it was love at first boost. A week later, she was mine. That was January 1988
I think the year was 1986 or maybe 87. I was standing on the balcony of my apartment and saw my first Grand National drive through the parking lot. It slowed down for a speed bump, then took off. About 40 feet out it lit the rear tires up. I knew then I had to have one. Only took me about 30 years.