What kind of lives some GNX's had?...

Gnx 059

You can scratch GNX 059 off the garage queen list too. I last saw #59 in Omaha NE back in the winter of 1999. It had been seized by the FBI under RICO statutes and was being auctioned off by sealed bidding. Some of you might remember #59 as the first GNX into the 11's or 10's and is on the GSCA video making a few runs at a strip somewhere in French speaking Canada. At that time it was based out of Ohio. Anyway it was in sad shape when I went to look at it. The original turbo and IC were missing and the 200-4R had been replaced with a THM400 and the rear and suspension had been replaced by a 12 bolt. The interior was pretty much stock and the paint wasn't all that bad. Anyway the winner paid $23,500 for this parts car because he was a schmuck and refused to listen to the experts in the area. It was on eBay a few times and between me and a few of the guys from the Omaha area we had successfully kept it from being sold to some other clueless idiot. The seller refused to list what was wrong with the car so we got eBay to yank the auction every time it was listed. From what I've been told it is still in the Midwest and still in the same condition it was in 1999.

I've got pics of it I can scan if anybody is interested in documenting it.
8 GNX’s and 6 TTA’S
You have got to be F^@&en kidding me, You must REALLY have a “PASSION” or
should I say OBSESSION with these Cars. Most collectors have a different variety. It
must be really tough trying to decide which one to drive. I wish I had that problem....
By the way I also have a complete GNX engine, original turbo and everything, and transmision, intercooler and all that I may end up parting with soon. Everything came off of my buddies GNX that he turned into the fastest one in the US, High 7's!!!! I have tons of stuff, (probably shouldn't say this in public for fear of getting stalked) 4 SETS of original tires.... All my GNX's and TTA's have original tires and paint except for GNX #136 doesn't have original paint job, the hard top TTA and pilot car #1 need a little work also, they're nice but all the others are CHERRY all original!!:D :cool: