What modifications won't void the factory warranty???

matt s

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I want to make some performance upgrades to my 2015 Trbo Regal. Trifecta Flash, doesn't regester when the dealer reads the computer. I've heard that you can't change/upgrade the air box or filter. Methonal injection? What can you do? I thought about asking my dealer but I don't want my car flagged so that they are looking or things.

This is my daily driver so the warranty is important to me. Anyone have any knowledge of this?

Those are good questions. I would think the Meth injection would give you problems with a warranty? If you already have the Trifecta tune you'll need to upgrade it if you do more mods. Drop in a K&N stock replacement filter but i don't think a aftermarket airbox will hurt anything. But performnace gain wise you may find that a AM airbox doesn't make much of a difference. Upgrade the headers. DP, full flow cat and full exhaust. As long as you don't delete any o2's or delete the cat you'll be fine. Upgrade the IC as well and then upgrade your trifecta tune. You should pick up another 30-40hp.
With the new CAI you can really hear the Turbo now.

2015 Regal Injen.jpg
Matt S, I have a 2015 Regal GS AWD. Just recently installed the Trifecta tune. Really love the power addition but more importantly the shifts are better now.. The Injecn CAI looks intriguing and might pair nicely with the tune. I checked Injen's web site and it doesn't seem they've got the part up. Did you call directly? How can I find it?

Also, when you say you can really hear the turbo now does that mean you hear it spinning up louder?

Thanks for your help,

The CAI is Injen SP7033P The P is for polish. SP7033BLK is for black. Read this in a buick forum somewhere. I believe it's listed for the 2012 Chevy Malibu 2.0 Tutbo engine. I fits right into the Regal no modifications needed, took about 45 minutes. You hear the turbo wine and vent valve louder in the cabin with this CAI. It has also given me about a 2MPG improvement? I bought it through Amazon for around $240.

Spoke with Trifecta and they adjust the Tune if you have the CAI so you might ask them about that. Going to order the tune in the next couple weeks.

Hope this helps.
When I purchased the tune from Trifecta it took a few days for them to write it. Actually, it took them longer to write it than it did for the USB-to-OBDII cable to show up at my house.

I think if they're going to adjust the tune to accommodate the CAI you need to purchase the Elite tune ($688). I purchased the Advantage tune ($429) which works with a completely stock vehicle. So, not sure I can add the CAI without forking over some more money to Trifecta.

Might I reiterate, the car is great with the tune. Goes like hell and is always in the right gear. Fuel economy on highway is up 2-3 mpg in cruise at 65 mph.
Spoke with Trifecta and asked them about the Injen part specifically.

They said:

"Yup, that intake will work fine and does not requiere a revision. We have it on our 2014 Regal GS and it never needed any tuning. Injen made a good intake with that one."

Order it from Amazon yesterday. Went up $20 though. $260.

Any advice on the install? Looks pretty straight forward.
Great then I can get the advantage too!

The thing I've noticed with Amazon when you look at something more than once, the price seems to increase slightly each time?

Intake was easy. Like I said before from start (set-up) to finish (putting tools away), 45minutes. Be careful with the Mass Air Flow Sensor. I did mine without removing the battery or disconnecting any wire connection.

Cool. Looks like two plastic clip/pull-ties are securing the MAF sensor wire to the top of the stock air box. Did you just cut those or do they come apart? I gave a quick look today and it seems like you just cut them.
I just cut them. Removed the two screws for the MAF and move it out of the way, detached the rubber boot to the turbo, then pull up on the air filter box, now your ready to install the Injen. The instructions included with the Injen will explain everything from dis assembly to installing the CAI.

I ordered my tune. I received the information online but waiting for the ECM to USB connector.

Trifecta Tune is in. Definitely makes a difference at low speeds. Barely touch the gas peddle and it goes. I haven't had a chance to try it on the highway yet.

Hey Matt. Having trouble right from the get-go! Argh. How do you disconnect the crankcase ventilation breather valve clip?
Hey... I figured it out. duh. You can really here the turbo valve now. I love it. Not sure my wife will though. It's her daily driver. We'll see.

Thanks for the help.
Looks good. Not that hard right? My wife hates mine but it's not her car so she isn't in it that often. Had my oldest home from the Military for Thanksgiving and he loved the sound along with the performance from the tune.
Yeah, I love it all around. My wife hates it too, but it's her car. She's gonna live with it for a couple weeks and let me know if it needs to come out.

So...I may end posting the kit for a good price to a forum member. Bummer.