What mods should I do?


I have paid for the car waiting for title to come then ok the shipping company to pick it up....anyway what mods should I do? I have already ordered a Walbro 340 with hotwire kit, looking at scan tools right now. It has an aftermarket boost gauge and adjustable w/g already installed. Will have about $600 to spend. This will be a daily driver and looking for low 13's high 12's eventually. Just a mild street car thats it. Thanks!!:D
Ok bud, does it have a adj fuel reg if not get one you will need it. A good filter and free flow exhust or a dump is nice . If you dont have a boost gauge and knock gauge get one .

A 160* stat and elec fan is a must when you start to pull more power from the motor. But if you have the money i would say a atr ss down pipe is the most for the money its a great mod for 140.00 about.

I would save a little of that money just to be safe you might find it needs some else. Check all the vac lines and headers for cracks you might need some of that money to weld the headers.

after all that i would say to start on the trans so it can hold the power .

Then injectors , turbo and intercooler , dont know how fast you want to go but this will take you to eazy 12's and probley 11's .

hope this helps :)
Thanks crazygn.....

After I fix the stalling problem my next thing after fuel pump install was going to be the ad. fp reg. then a cold air intake, then the exhaust. Also have an OTC on the way!:D