What "old school" Street bike have you always wanted


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Jun 2, 2002
Not to hijack the old school car thread BUT what pre-93 Street cycles would you love to have owned?
77 kz1000

ive got a practically new one setting in my garage disabled because of electrical problems (jump started with a truck)
I had a 74 Yamaha DT 175 street bike 2 stroke.. A very special motor these suckers had cause the would really REV.

Guy paid me $750 for the bike in 1980. He said the motor was worth $1500.. But I paid $300 for the bike anyway.
I've got a 1971 Honda CD175.. Woohoo.. Hehe...

A buddy collects old bikes and just got a 89? RZ350 two stroke crotch rocket..

He just sold a MINT 1960's vintage BSA..

If you're interested in something, let me know, he may have it..
everytime we go to the racetrack, theres a guy there in something called a TRIKE? damn thing sounds loud as hell and really pissed off, what year are those? arent they a 2 stroke?

pre 93? Thats not very old school to me....I have a turboed /intercooled 93 zx1100....

I would love to have a 80/81 gs1100 prostreeter.....long....maybe a car tire (dot ofcourse) with either a turboed stroker or nitrous....
When I went through a phase of wanting a bike, the ultimate death machine was the V-Max. At the time, it was insane - I believe 140 HP of non-aerodynamic brick on 2 wheels. There were 2 in town, 1 of which some insane and rich parents bought for their son for his 17th birthday. I remember racing a pickup one night, and got him good off the line - as soon as there was a slight gap, this snarling silver blur went through beside me and vanished up the hill. It took him nearly 4 months before he totalled it. Can't believe he survived. He drove like an idiot.
i currently own an 1986 suzuki gsxr oilcooled, best bike ever made, and the 1st one to come out with alluminum frame, they are basically collectors item now.
Well, I USED to own a '75 Kawi 500 triple, there wasn't many a faster bike in those days...

I bought an '83 V-65 Magna the minute they came out, there wasn't many a faster bike in those days...

And I still HAVE my '76 Sporty! And while there WAS many a faster bike in those days, THESE days there ain't many a faster Sporty than this one!

('long time ago I bought a '63 BSA 650 twin, but never got it together, still wish it was around!)
I had a 83 KZ750. Nice easy bike to ride. Fast enough for me. As time when on I didn't ride as much and finally I sold it. I do miss riding now but with so much traffic around now its too dangerous for me. As it was jerks would run you off the road 10 years ago, I can't see it being any better now.
I've got a Kaw '72 H2 [2 stroke 750 triple] sitting in the garage.
This bike is fast...... in a straight line. No twisties for this one.

Hey 1ARUNUM, maybe your buddy would be interested in a good restorable bike for his collection?!

'86 GNAT orig owner
'87 Regal "T" w/ turbo daily driver
From 1977 to 1980, I owned a 74 Kawasaki 500 2 stroke Mach 1....0 to 60 in like 2.8 seconds. Man that bike was fast, and light. Damn near killed me several times. Luckily, the last accident only left me with a broken knee and I have been limping ever since.

Had to constantly ride it hard, so you did not foul the spark plugs, As such, most owners of this bike were street racers...Front end would pop up VERY Easily, in the first 3 gears.

Stock - this bike was 'suicide fast', but after I strapped some velocity stacks and expantion chambers on it, nobody wanted to race me on the street. Nobody....;)

Every now and then I look for that bike on Ebay and never see one in the USA. I think that bike was the fastest production bike in the early 70's (perhaps the 750 2 stroke was slighty faster).
'nuther vote for Kawi 2 stroke triples!

Had a '72 H2 Kawasaki 750 2 stroke street bike in the mid 70's to early 80's. Loved this bike and it's performance! Waxed many a 750-4, 650-4, and even a Kawi 900 with it. Yes, wheelies were common place and the bike was a scarey handler- those of you that have owned or ridden them may remember some of the "death wobbles". I put expansion chambers on mine along with a build using Wiseco Pistons. Had the cafe look with the mini fairing, low bars, before this was popular here. Really miss that bike. Other old school bikes I like are the 73 original Z-1 900 Kawasaki, 3 cylinder Triumphs and BSA's, and the early K1 Honda 750-4's.
I forgot about the GSXR1100 - I rode one of the originals. It had a dead coil, so was missing a cylinder, and it still scared the crap out of me.

When I was 14, my dad had a Kawasaki 3 lunger - I think it was a KZ700 or 750. I also remember having to ride the crap out of it, and keep hot plugs, or it would foul them. Heavy bike, but fast. Peaky though - dead on the bottom end, but when it hit the power band, BAM!. It had a damper, like a shock absorber, on the steering to try to keep that wobble under control.

I shouldn't have been riding it. At 14. At 110+ MPH. On all the highways around our farm. But I did, I'm alive, and it was tremendous fun.

The GPZ750 turbo and GPZ 1100 were also popular. As I recall, performance of the two was almost identical.

Does anyone remember something called I think a Seca turbo? Yamaha, I think.