What other vehicle do you have besides a buick?


I heart Boost and DRs...
Well like the title says come on spill the beans on it. What do you drive thats not a buick?

Me I got:

3 S10s
68 c10
2 camaros
95 talon
at one time everything i owned was either turboed or supercharged. GN . 98 REGAL GS. 04 CREW CAB 2500 DURAMAX. I now have a crappy beater 91 S10 02 grand am gt. still have the truck and buick, got rid of the regal because the tranny crapped out and some other problems. i bought the the wife an accord and it's been a good car 35mpg
my turn

2008 nissan armada, 1993 ford bronco ,1957 chevy 210 post mods , 1968 dodge coronet 500 , 1972 dodge duster demon, 1972 chevy monte carlo 402bb , 1972 nova ss 350 4s,1974 monte carlo 454bb ,1975 monte carlo 400smog,1986 monte carlo ls , 1986 monte carlo ss, 1987 buick ttype, 1987 buick gnx, 1987 buick gn, 1969 yenko camaro clone , 1988 conquest tsi mods ,1990 mazda mx6 gt turbo ,
1983 T-type
1994 Lincoln Mark VIII
1985 Mercury Marquis Brougham (RARE)

not including the rv, and the so called 1966 caddy hidden away in the south somewhere thats mine....
my daily beater is an '86 Camaro with a V6, auto trans, leaky t tops, no door panels, and a standard heater than barely heats. it also has bald tires on the 4 "rear" GTA wheels and really sucks in the snow. but it always starts and is actually kind of fun to drive...
my truck is a rusty '87 GMC body on a '79 Chevy 3/4 ton 4X4 chassis with the heavy duty manual trans and HD transfer case.. it's a beast.
2010 sierra denali 6.2,2007 honda accord,70 chevelle ss 42,000 real miles original paint flawless condition,87 gn,2007 toyota 4 runner