What Scales to Buy?

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want to set my car up for autocross. what brand/model/options should I buy?
Longacre has been around for a long time and has been used by so many racing groups it's not funny. Whether it's wireless or not it will get the job done.;)
hello people; Besides moving stuff around like the spare tire, jack, battery how do you change the corner weights on a TB? Or if you have coil overs you can go up or down to change it and I suppose you can change springs. But if the OP gets the scales tell us what you do.
have fun
To properly do corner weight you need coil over adjustable dampeners on all four corners. A selection of sway bars is also a good idea.

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We used sand bags and Ozarka 5 gallon water bottles every time we scaled the race cars as our drivers had "other stuff to do".

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hello people; I'm sure there is alot to think about if you think about autocross. Seat time is going to be key and time will tell what works for you. But I was thinking about gas tanks. How much fuel would be best to have and how about the fuel sloshing around? I know TB tanks are baffled but if you could keep the fuel in the center of the tank it would help in handling.
just a thought