What size speakers CAN fit in these??

Those will only fit 4". The front aftermarket panels will hold the 6 1/2's.


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That a 4" speaker in the back?!!! :eek: Looks bigger, anyway I was going to use those for the rear. You like them? Anything else "better"? Fit and form good? I'm putting my speaker lay out together and I like the way they look and hopefully sound (with the right speaker). BTW was there someone here selling them or did you get yours from E-bay as well?
Thanks, 696
Got them from G-body parts. Had to paint them also. They sound great. I have Infinty's all the way around.
87NAT: Thanks for the info. MUCH cheaper from G-body. Have the headunit picked out, working on the kick panel area, debating on even hooking up the 3 1/2 dash speakers, NOW I have the rear covered as well as the sub.
Put the dash speakers...fills out the sound. I wouldnt put those kick panel molds in. Get the door panels and be done with it. Looks factory.