What Stall Converter??


May 26, 2001
What Stall Converter? What Cam?

These are or will be the major mods (for the 87):
Champion P/P Iron Heads
50# MSDs
PTE Front Mount
Race Tranny (PMAC)
I originally left off--SMC Alky Kit--for those hot TX days
all of the usual.

Thanks In Advance
I would think a 9" 3000-3500 stall converter would be a perfect match with your combo, but that's JMO:cool:
I like my convertor some would say it is too loose for my 52 but it fits the billl nicely. I have instant boost with it and it is still good and tight on the top end, I only lost about 200 rpm over the stock convertor at a 60 mph cruise.
I don't know what kind of rpm that cam likes, but you should be fine with something in the 3000-3200 range. I wouldn't think you would need much more stall than that.

I am running the stock longblock with my 52, and I am currently running the stock D5 convertor. It has noticeably more lag than my old TA49 but not unbareable, but that was expected anyways. I will be upgrading to a 9" convertor with around 3000 stall. I prefer to err on the tight side.

EDIT oops I was looking at the 85 buildup when I was talking about the cam. If you are running the stock cam I would think you definately wouldn't want more than a 3200 stall.
I have a Yank 3600 extreme w/lockup. Excellent driveability and inertia lockup makes this unit really great. I originally got the 3200 and sent it back because I thought it was too tight - not the case, the 3600 feels the same around town (no reving sound) but is has better punch on the highway on a downshift.

i'll thro the vote in for one of Bruces 9-11 converters in the 3000-3200 range.. i got to drive on mine for one day/night before wasting two turbo's and it is awsome..

you guys are lucky with then 52's so far..id recomend going to the 53 since it has a different ext wheel that dont seem to have a problem like the one in the 51&52 turbo
Bruce's 9-11 or the vigilante "0" stall , don't go with the Art Carr unless you like that "is my car in gear " loosey goosey feeling and checking to see if the car is in nuetral when backing up
Vigilante all the way here.Dropped .5 off my 1/8 times almost stock.Accelerates like a freight train.
For the dough it is hard to knock tolles 9/11 at around 3200 stall.
But if you want alittle bit more get a vigilante l/u around the same stall, you will mysteriously see tire smoke while cruising and hammering it. Both are great choices.
If you get a vigilante ,at least get some DRs or ET streets.It has a torque multiplication of 2.5 compared to 1.9stock.It can ruin a set of radials in no time.Breaks them loose at a 50mph roll on my car.Radials that is.
Hey c&cgn:

Just a quick question about your post - what would the cam have to do with stall speed selection?

I just picked up a PTS 9X11 2800-3000 stall speed - Bruce likes to err on the tight side but I trust his judgement given that the car is a streeter only. Anyway, just curious about why you mentioned the cam not being appropriate for anything more than 3200...

If you put a cam with alot of duration in a motor,it will move the powerband up higher in the RPM range.Therefore you would need a stall converter to get the motor as close to the powerband as possible on takeoff.Also a large cam can make it difficult to idle at a stop without one.Most of this really only applies to NA motors though.We use a stall converter to get a quick spool mostly.You dont really need that large of a cam in a turbo car.
I had great luck with the Vigilante converters myself. I used a 4000 stall (6 pump I think) non lockup at first. Awesome off the line, but really kept the rpm's up the whole run. I got 4600 stall off the line with it, and it never went under 5100 after that, 10.70's - 10.80's at 123.

I swapped it for a 3000/3200 stall 0 pump with the 7 disc lockup the next season. I liked it a lot better. It still launched & spooled like mad, but was a lot more driver freindly on the street. It still went 10.70's at 124+ & felt stronger. Love that lockup too :D

I heard a rumor that precision is doing away with the 7 disc style & going to a 5 disc. Not sure if it is actually an improvement or what. Might have to find someone running one of their new ones to get some input there. Bruce makes a nice one too, along with others. Only thing I would NOT recommend is a non-lockup for daily driving, unless it is very highway limited.

For cams, a 206/206 would be good, maybe a little conservative.
Hope that helps :)