what state are members in ?

Turbo Keith

Sep 16, 2015
Is it anyway to sort members by state here ? I would like to know who may be close to me , I'm from North Mississippi .
I started this Thread back in Feb. 2016 and its really neat to see just where all our TB call home . Thanks Guys
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That would be nice to know. I'm in southwest Ohio, an eastern suburb of Cincinnati.
About the only way to tell is click/ tap on their avitar and they may have it listed.
As for me, right now I'm in the state of confusion. Which turbo, which heads, which cam, which injectors, E85 or not.
Ok, ok, I'm just being facetious.
Yes sir! Well, half way between New Orleans and Baton Rouge to be honest. Where you at exactly??

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New Albany I see so up around Tupelo, right??

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