what to use to tune and keep knock at bay


Nov 27, 2002
I`ve got my eng in shop for rebuild,wipedout mains w/ bad detonation.I thought I had it under control,but I didnt.What do you guys use to keep an eye on things .I`ve heard of a scan tool called LM2.It`ll read air/fuel ratio and show it to you on its own screen and at what ever RPM youre going,,a little pricey at $350,but if it works! I have a scan master now,but not very good at understanding exactly what its telling me,but I`ll just have to get better so I can tune this thing better ---let me know what scan tools you use and what you think of em---thanks,,Jack
If you're overwhelmed by scanmaster, a good scan tool like Powerlogger will really bury you. BUT.... Powerlogger is a virtural necessity for serious tuning. Especially with all your mods.
dont get me wrong about the SM,I just never really took the time to figure it out,I think what I`m really after is a a/f ratio tune tool ,maybe like a wide band or somthing,,,I was just fishing to see what other people use cause I see that I`m going to have to get off my fat a#*&^ and REALLY figure out how to do a really good tune,,,this eng re-build crap is too expensive,even if the car is 95% street---