What's more useless than an Electric Supercharger?


you have to much time on your hands............

you gunna by one for your race gate?

Okay, that's just pathetic.

I wonder if any of these ricer kids ever figure it out that, for the money they spent trying to make their car SEEM quick, they could have actually sped it up a little bit.:mad:
As for the "electric supercharger"....................

If you have any car mags from the early-mid 60s, take a look at the ubiquitous JC Whitney ads. They sold a gadget that was basically a carb spacer plate with small fans in the throttle holes.
1, 2, or 4 barrel, your choice! Same kind of outrageous claims.
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The volume was turned up on my PC and the BOV noise scared the liv'n $hit out me.
lol thats the same thing that happend to me....try that with 500 watts wroth of speaker hooked up to ur pc :mad: !@~#ing ricers they are so stupid