What's up everyone


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Hey y'all, new to the forum thought I'd say what's up. I have a 1986 GN, 4.0 stroker, 6466 ball bearing turbo, 2 stage alky, built trans, built rear end, it's a lot of fun. Looking forward to the many posts to come.
Welcome to the forum !! If you have ANY questions about Turbo Buicks this is the place to ask . Where are you from ? TB brothers & help maybe right next door . Also post up your mods to the car in your signature , it could help us help you in the future if needed . Sam
Also if viewing on your phone , turn it sideways and the signatures will show up at the bottom of the post .
Awesome, Updated Signature, I'm In Paducah Kentucky, thanks for the welcome. I'm also really hoping to pick some brains and get some knowledge. Went to the track (1/8th) for the first time and did very poorly last weekend so I need to up my game
Not far from Bowling Green . Make sure you go to the GS Nationals in May it's Buick heaven . Turbo Buick guy from all over the country go , it's a nice 3-4 day event lots of racing / test & tune .......... Good times !!
May 17-20 2023