Sep 17, 2011
Will any of these work on a 81-87 "
15x6" 3 3/4" rear spacing 3 mm offset
15x7" 4 3/8" rear spacing 6mm offset
15x8" 4 1/2" rear spacing 0mm offset

also what tire sizes would you recommend. was thinking 15x7 in front and 15x8 in the rear.
stock brakes for now though may go with aftermarket rear disc conversion and possibly front but nothing that would not work on 15" wheels.

At least you should have 4" of BS. A bigger rear tire will require 4.5 to 5". I would recommend a 17" tire hp all season or hp summer.
im not sure on the front bs I just ordered them an told them what they were going on. im running a tall front tire kumho solus sr2 on the front I think its a lil over 26 inches tall and 275/60's on the rear where the car will sit level .. I don't like the raked look
so the 3 3/4 in the front and 4 1/2 behind should work ok?

you got to keep end mind some tr rear ends are way over to one side some aren't. I got lucky mine wasn't too much outta wack

just went an looked at my tta fronts same as gn tires are 205/75/15 youcan see how they look in my sig