Wheel stud striped out in axle!! What to do??


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Apr 3, 2003
Ok well here it goes I got like Ford studs in my rear axles don't ask why car wa slike this when bought... Amyways a couple of them spun loose while I was taking the slicks off the car so I had to cut the lug nuts right up against the wheels with a die grinder to just get the wheels off. Car has moser axles an as far as I can tell 2 of the holes in the axles are wollered out from the studs spinning in them... My ???? is what do I do . I know for sure I want to go back with GM studs casue keeping up with all theses lug nuts is a head ache. Should I go buy new mosers with correct studs that came with car ?? BUt my axles are fine its jsut the stud situation. Also what size ar ethe studs in theses from the factory??
I had the same problem with my moser axles, replaced them 2 or 3 times and got pissed off. I bought 5/8 srew in studs and now my problem is fixed.

Hey chris, you get that chip sent off yet. hope you did'nt break anything up did you? Hope not.
you have to drill your axles out and tap them to 5/8 fine thread. you also have to ream your wheels to fit them. Best thing to do is take them to a machine shop and have them done because if they are not tapped staight the wheels will never go on. The studs that come with the moser axles are cheap, found the same thing at autozone on the shelf. You could also try a good set or moroso from jegs or summit.