When selling cars on ebay it's a good idea to(fasterthanyou)

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Sexy MF Joe
Jun 1, 2001
not leave a license plate if you're a scam artist.

If anyone would like to contact Mike Rapoza (AKA fasterthanyou)he is listed and quite easy to find. Glocester, RI is not very far from the Foxy Lady in Providence, RI either....
Nah, I'm done with him. Just making good on what I said in the other post about know who he is and where since he challanged me...I won't post any other replies. If anyone cares for it though, email me directly and I will provide you with details.
As he would say it:

I'll report you to the Gloouceester Rhode Island poloice department and the FBI and E-Bay and your job, You will be listed as a sexual preator, Do you want that?
It ids my duty as a citizen to report you.
Is that what you want tough guy?

Another tool bites the dust...

Ok anyway the horse is dead, lets bury it
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