Last & Latest Batch of Parts Prior to Christmas

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Mar 5, 2009
Same format as always. Email me direct on any item(s) that strike your fancy refer to letter or number code that perks your interest. I don't deal in photos so please don't ask. Descriptions are accurate and prices I believe are quite fair.

Shipping is included to the basic 48 states. You reside in PA tack on 6% sales tax as I am a company. Stuff is getting difficult to find for these cars.

Here goes:

P-2368 I have refurbished the desireable flip down stay down license plate brackets. Got 3 of them again. Price is $35 each member these have been blasted and resprayed so they are as close to mint as possible. Easiest upgrade to make even with zero mechanical skills. (I have one on my car).

12-A i have a super nice bench tested good pressure AC Delco GM brake accumulator bowl. This is a 9 on a scale of 1-10. In other words very close to looking factory brand new. Price tag is $100. Not a cure all for every powermaster unit but eliminates brake bowl issues.

P-2366 For any Grand National the small metal like emblem says Grand Nationals sits in the groove on the trim plate above your glove box. Price is $30.

P-2367 For any Turbo Regal or Grand National (not a GNX) a real set of 4 original grey valve stem caps. (I removed them from spares in trunks of similar cars. One set only just $12 total.

P-2369 I have one single 4 page full color Molly clothing Buick brochure obviously from the late 1980s. This is an original one just $19.95 total.

AAAAA -For the 1984, 1985, 1986 Turbo Regals actually these cover all the Buick models for those years I have a few of each original pocket size Buick Price Directories. These are neat to have because under each Buick model it lists every single option, the code for that option and what that option cost in that give year. BY code I mean this is the code that crosses over to your trunk label (SPID). These are very rare. I have 2 for 1984, 5 for 1985 and 5 for 1986. None for 1987. The price each is just $19.95 each total. Specify what year you want. These are pocket size that salesman used back then. The suit and tie sales people.

P-2360 A pack of ten still factory sealed in the GM wrapper #20084314 pack of 10 strap caps GM lists this for the 1985-1986 Turbo Regals So color is probably different for 1987. You get 10 even though yo only need 4. Price is $40 for all 10 factory sealed in the GM wrapper.

P-2365 Member the Facts & Figure Books? I have a pair meaning Volume 1 and Volume 2 selling as a set for $65. These are both out of print. The author died in a car crash probably over a dozen years ago now. Real shame. Got hit head on from what I recall in the midwest.

P-2370 Rare item member Turbo Magazine? I got a used March 1988 issue features the GNX on the cover. Hard to find today. $19.95 you can own it.

Below is some of the original brand new 25 plus year old grey pallex seat material. This is the material GM used as the grey on every GN and GNX and upper door panel for those cars that nobody has reproduced correctly. This is the real stuff company logo C & A is on the back and its dated. I own all that this one source had. I also bought all the black pallex but I do not have it yet. All the below listed is the standard width of 55 inches. I show the length of each piece and of course the price. Your seat material (grey) runs front to run (directional) same direction as the lengths I list below.

In the spirit of the season buy any two sections below and we will deduct $10 off the total. This is one of the hardest original items to find if you have a GN or GNX. Be surprised how bright the grey material is when it has not been exposed to the sun in 25 plus years.

here goes:

AR 16 inches long $65

AP 28 inches long $175

AS 17 inches long $70

N 16 inches long $65

AB 22 inches long $85

L 28 inches long $175

CA 29 inches long $175

CF 41 inches long $190

E 25 inches long $95

I 34 inches long $110

All the above is dated 1985 or 1989 on the back of the material. Member buy any two of the listings and deduct $10.

That is it...

Again email me direct post your request on this thread and you may lose out.

Christmas contest gets posted Wednesday nite......I expect to be getting about 15 yards of the black pallex.
As well as some of the original 1987 grey seat material used in the grey Turbo Ts and the WE4s used the same grey.
I'll take AAAAA and P2360


Sending email now

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