Where can I get some good power window switches?


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
I can't find any dealerships that carry them since they are discontinued. I also tried Kirban's, but no luck there. This is all in an attempt to get a hold of new factory switches. My old replacements crapped out after a couple years and my new drivers side switch died after 20 minutes. I got these from the Help! section at Pep Boys.

Does anyone know of any other sources for power window switches? The only reason I replaced the originals is because they were dingy looking.
I replaced all of mine 2 years ago and bought NOS from a GM dealer. I believe that they are still available.. BUT, they are make in China even tho the original ones were USA made. They work fine though.. I paid a LOT too ... If I remember correctly like $30 a switch.

Thanks for the replies. According to the dealership I spoke to they are out of NOS ones as well. Maybe they didn't look to hard.

$30 isn't too bad since the ones I bought were $25.

I'll check out gbodyparts.com