Where should I start



I am signing papers on a 87 gn tomarrow. It is all stock and by SOTP feel it is a low mid 14 sec car. Right now I drive a modded firebird that runs low 13's. I am selling it though. I have heard that you can make these turbos run in the 12's pretty easy, is this accurate? If so where do I start.
Do what I did. Take two weeks and read back posts on this site. Everything you could possibly ask is here on this site. Then when you know enough to do damage start posting;)
agreed, read before you touch anything, and if you have something in mind to change, read about that before you do the change.

IMO before you change anythign get a scantool, like a scanmaster or atleast a knock gauge. then follow a recipe in gnttype.org.

set a goal and achieve it before you start doing more, and the spring cleaning is a great first step even before you get the scantool if your dieing to do soemthing to the car.
how many miles are on the car....if the exhaust is rusted through or is still stock......that would be the first thing i would do .... that should get you started...but it alone wont get you near the 12's ...
if it doesnt have an aftermarket boost gauge...that would be the second thing to get .....but untill you get into any other mods a scan tool....would be a wise investment
Mileage on the car/motor will determine some of your initial choices, but the Spring Cleaning article mentioned above at gnttype.org is an organized & purposeful way to begin.

Very first thing I'd do? Get the car up on rack, check condition of suspension, brakes, oil leaks, etc......then, change oil & trans. fluid.

Enjoy & protect your new car ! :)
gnttype board spring clean, then follow the recipe very basic and proven.
I haven't done much yet, but so far the best bang was remove the cat (or gut it). I gotta learn how to drive the car again! Spools much faster, and I'm just getting started!

I really feel sorry for those who have inspections, what a pain.:(
Since my last visit to the track 2 weeks ago, I installed a power plate and a test pipe. I gained 4 tenths in the 8th mile!!! Best run was with my friend driving. He weighs 130 lbs more than me and he forgot to lock up the torque converter. If I had made that launch, I expect to have done possibly 2 tenths better! Needless to say, I am one happy camper!!!