Where to start on jetting



I'm finally getting the parts for my kit together. I'm using the NOS fogger nozzle, the one with 2 inlets. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what size jets I should start out at? I'll be making 13 psi of boost going into a pain old 5.0?

I've thought about starting at the smallest jets and working from there, but if anyone has done this before and could give me a better starting place I appricate it.

Thank you.:D
13 lbs isn't all that aggressive but it depends how much heat the supercharger is building and whether you use intercooling.

To be honest I think you should forget the NOS and get a better nozzle. You're attempting to use a part in an application it wasn't designed for.

If you're on a budget you can try standard stainless steel oil burner type.... the type you can find at nearly any plumbing and heating shop. I'd guess something around a #12 size, see how that works for ya. Either the 30 or 45 degree is ok.
The problem you'll have is figuring out how to mount these large nozzles. You can source an aluminum "weld-o-let" bung that is specifically designed to hold these from Carrolls Supercharging in N.J.

If you're bucks-up go with Aquamist. You might start with two 1.0 mm's and see what that does. You'll need a decent pump.